Rewire Service

House Electrical Rewire | What does a rewire involve?

You may have a full or partial rewire. Where by your full electrical system or part will be replaced with brand new wiring. Although it’s called a ‘rewire’ it’s rare that only cables are replaced during a rewire. Often sockets and light fitting are updated.

electrical rewire west sussexWhy do houses need to be rewired more than once in their lifetime?

There are many different reasons why a house may need a rewire

Cables and electrical equipment deteriorate with age, the industry standard for a rewire is around 25 years.

When a fault occurs that cannot be fixed without a rewire.

When the cables you have installed are very old which can be dangerous due to deterioration in the insulation causing fire risks. Rubber coating is a tell-tale sign of poor electrics as the last houses to be fitted with rubber insulated cables were in the 1960s.

If you have constantly blowing fuses or an RCD that refuses to reset. This can be a sign you need a rewire.

Many homeowners unsure of the state of their wiring have an electrical installation condition report completed for their home.

What To Look For

  • Black marks or other indicators of burning on electrical sockets
  • Using multiple extension leads
  • Does your fuse board look old?
  • Does your fuse board use wire as fuses?
  • Most houses require a re-wire once every 25 years.
  • Crusty rubber typically black on cables
  • Cables with fabric coating
  • Cables that look twisted together often with rubber or fabric coating.
    Electrical sockets mounted on skirting

How much will a rewire cost?

Rewires can vary significantly based on different factors. For example, how many bedrooms are there? Is it a bungalow or a flat? or a large house. Are there floorboards or solid concrete floors? Do you need only a part rewire or a completely fresh start? What time frame do you need it completed in.

What can I do for a cheaper rewire quote?rewire west sussex

Competent and qualified electricians such as EDB Electrical Services should only perform rewires

Clear the rooms of furniture, takes pictures down and dust covers put in place.

Rewires can create lots of cleaning up. By cleaning yourself you can save money.

If you don’t need power re-connected at the end of each day this will save you money. As this takes this and therefore more money.

Pull up floorboards to save time.

Clear the loft for easy access.

Re-plastering chases yourselves.

If you’re having trouble with any of the following, you may need need a rewire

  • RCDs that will not stop tripping
  • Electrical problems that don’t seem to have a cause or reason
  • Tue fuses are tripping for no reason
  • Lights keep flickering
  • Heating of electrical sockets, warm to the touch
  • Things to keep in mind on a house rewire
  • Rewires can take on average a week to complete
  • Outside sockets – don’t let them be a second thought!
  • Networking – Ethernet connection points and USB charging points
  • Supply of smoke alarm and burglar alarms.
  • It’s worth keeping some money aside for contingency as you never know what complications may arise.
  • Staircase? Light switches at the bottom and top of the staircase are invaluable.
  • Freezers and other important devices on their own feeds.
  • Cheap quotes – you get what you pay for
  • The mess is an unfortunate must
  • If you have a rewire the worst possible outcome two years down the line is not thinking long term and needing to have adjustments made. Think long term.
  • Getting more sockets then you think you need.
  • Need wiring for a doorbell?
  • Aside from the above, having a plan in place will make the whole process seamless and swift.