Regular maintenance On Electrical Systems Importance

Regular maintenance On Electrical Systems Importance

Not many people realize that your electrical installation needs regular maintenance just like a boiler. Time can loosen connections, degrade cables and the weather can rust away protective enclosure exposing live conductors. It’s so important to have an electrical inspection done!

What you may need can vary, there are different terms for inspections and you may be confused as to the difference between an EICR, Periodic inspection and fixed wire testing.
Fixed wire and period inspections now both mean EICR.

What does an EICR Involve?

During an EICR, every part of the electrical installation is tested and inspected. All equipment that may be installed such as outdoor lights or sockets. The condition and integrity of the wiring. Specialist tests are performed to make sure the wiring is in a suitable and safe condition.

But why should I have one? Is it required?
EICRs will stress test your whole system, which will point out defects and deterioration. Sometimes due to bad workmanship or age conductors and enclosures break down, and real risks to health can emerge.
As part of the testing, all parts of the installation are checked to make sure they meet the required BS7671 regulations.

EICRS can reveal a wide range of issues:
• Any problems with the circuits that could lead to overload or short circuiting.
• Parts of an installation that pose a real risk of electrocution or fire.
•Make sure the installation has suitable earthing arrangements.

EICR results
Faults are coded, in order of how dangerous it is to least.

C1 – Danger is present, risk of injury is likely and MUST BE rectified.
C2 – Potentially dangerous and remedial action is needed urgently
C3 – Improvement to your electrical system is recommended

Once any immediate dangers have been rectified you will be given an official electrical installation condition report. EDB Electrical services are experts in EICRs so visit our main page to see the full range of services.


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