Cost of having a new fuse board Installed

Cost of having a new fuse board Installed

What is the cost of having a new fuse board installed? There are numerous motivations to overhaul your fuse board, possibly your current unit is old and outdated with fuses you have to rewire after they trip and is giving you steady cerebral pains. Perhaps you have a more present day sort of fuse board yet you have no RCD (Residual Current Device) – more on that later. BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations state ‘ where a fuse board is being installed, extra assurance by methods for RCD’s ought to be given to the degree required by the present directions of BS7671, for example, for:

· Socket outlets

· Mobile hardware for utilization outside

· Cables that are buried inside walls or partitions

· Circuits of areas containing a wet area i.e shower or bath

Circuits that are to be furnished with RCD assurance must be separated between an adequate number of RCD’s or generally composed as to maintain a strategic distance from perils and limit bother in case of a trip.

What is a RCD (Residual Current Device)?

An RCD is a device that can detect imbalances between the live and neutral conductors. I.E If the current is going somewhere it shouldn’t be. They can be very sensitive and can trip much faster than traditonal circuit breakers. They are essential in hazardous places. You may not know you have an electrical fault till you install an RCD as traditional circuit breakers cannot detect leakage current.

Consistently in the UK around 70 individuals kick the bucket and 350,000 are harmed because of electrical mischances at home. A Government report additionally demonstrated that, every year, around 4,000 flames caused by power in homes may have been counteracted if RCD insurance had been fitted in the fuse board. In spite of this, the greater part of UK homes – that is 13 million – don’t yet have any, or a sufficient level of, such extra insurance.

RCDs have been compulsory on all recently introduced circuits in England since 2008 (17th edition wiring directions).

Earthing: essentials

The person carrying out the installation must verify that:
· The main earthing terminal of the installation is connected to an adequate means of earthing via a suitably sized earthing conductor
· The main protective bonding conductor is adequate
· If any the above conditions are not met then the customer must be informed immediately that upgrading is required. If the customer refuses then the installer should not proceed with the installation of the consumer unit

Before doing the work

Upgrading a consumer unit in a household commenced in England or Wales is notifiable work with Building Regulations. Unless the work is done by an installer who can self affirm his/her own work from one of the different confirmation bodies ie NICEIC, NAPIT, ELECSA then nearby building specialist control must be told before work starts.

Before doing the work the installer ought to urge the client to have

an electrical condition inspection report carried out to check whether there are any dangers that exist which will cause the RCD to trip. The minimum that should be inspected:

· Making enquiries with the client if there are any current issues

· A visual review of the current wiring framework to check the sort and state of the wiring

· A visual investigation of every outside piece of the wiring

· An test to find the value of Ze (The resistance back to the local substation)

·Check on all CPCs (Circuit protective conductors)

On the off chance that any faults or flaws which would cause stumbling of a RCD are discovered then we will inform the client of required remedial work before work is undertaken.



This would add additional cost, but if there are existing faults it would be very wise to correct these.

After the new fuseboard is installed, the entire installation is inspected and tested and you will be issued with an electrical installation certificate.


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