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fuse board upgrade Here at EDB Electrical services, we can fix any electrical issue you may come across. We have years of experience working as electricians.

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We provide Electrical repairs, whether you need a socket replaced or fault finding no matter big or small, we do it all. We also offer part or full house rewires. Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) at highly competitive rates. We can also change your fuse board if it needs upgrading. We’re not limited in our abilities, we can fulfill any services you need.



Electrical repairs

electrician repairs

If you have an electrical emergency please don’t wait, call us on 07453221517 we can get to you the same day and we don’t charge a call out fee. We only charge an hourly labor rate with a minimum of one hour and charged every half an hour thereafter.  Not an emergency? We can help too. If you have been putting up with a faulty light or dead sockets don’t hesitate to call us. Big or small, we’re always near to give you competitive rates.

House rewires part and full

There are a staggering amount of houses that still have dangerous electrical installations. Especially on older properties throughout West Sussex, It was very common to use vulcanized rubber electrical cables. This was great at the time but rubber deteriorates and turns to dust. This means your electrical cables will start to short out inside the walls, in lofts, and under floorboards. This can be a massive fire risk and can be an absolute headache. Sometimes you can’t just repair, you have to replace. We’re experts in house re-wires. We can get the job done fast and completed to a high standard.

We usually start with an EICR (Electrical Installation condition report) first, more on that below. If you’re unsure this should give you confirmation about the condition of the existing wiring system. We strip out all the existing cables and electrical equipment. We then put new cables in, exactly where you want them. So no compromises you can have that socket next to the sofa now. Put in new sockets, lights, supplies to your heating systems. Smoke alarms and ventilation. Everyone’s needs are different, so that’s why we’ll come to your property and establish your requirements. Quoting to your exact specification. Did I mention our quotes are free, without obligation?

You’ll be given an Electrical Installation Certificate, which will show your new test results and confirms that you now have a brand new electrical system installed. Which has been installed to latest wiring and building regulations.

EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Reports)

Whether you’re looking to buy a property. Maybe you’re a landlord or homeowner. If you’re unsure of the condition of the existing electrical installation. We can put your mind at ease with a full condition report. We test and inspect the entire property, looking for faults or deterioration. Stress testing the existing wiring system. We will give you official documentation proving the current condition of your wiring system. We offer our EICRs at a highly competitive rate. Contact us for more info.


Fuse board upgrades

There have been many advancements in electrical safety in the past few years. The big one is RCD protection. This stands for residual current devices. Your traditional circuit breaker operates on the principle when enough current (typically an overload or short circuit) is detected. The fuse will trip and turn the power off. This is fantastic, preventing many dangerous and hazardous electrical faults that could have caused fires or injury. The issue is that the amount of current to activate the device is very likely to be fatal to anyone who unexpectedly came into contact with the fault. Not so good. There limited in their detection and can hide many faults you may not even be aware of.

During an initial electrical installation on new builds, It’s not unusual for a screw to end up in a cable. Usually, this Is detected but sometimes the screw doesn’t cause a short circuit or overload. As a result, the screw is still live, leaking current to earth. The fault can be there for years undetected on a traditional circuit breaker. An RCD would detect this instantly, eliminating any potential disasters. This is one example of the many benefits. They react quickly and have saved many lives.

Furthermore, it is a requirement under the regulations that RCD protection must be provided in new electrical installations. If you have an old fuse board that needs upgrading, we’re able to offer fast and efficient electrical services. Competitively priced and completed to a high standard of work.


Fire alarm systems

We can provide fire alarm systems for you. We can install full commercial centrally controlled units or mains powered smoke alarms for your home for your peace of mind.


Outside power and lighting

Need an electrician to install outside power and lighting for you? We can help! We’ll be able to provide a smart, comprehensive solution to your needs. Our electrical services are innovative and smart.


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