CCTV & Data

CCTV Installations In Worthing and through out West Sussex

CCTV Installation

Just the precense of cameras in 9/10 cases would detect a would be offender away from your property. Our CCTV cameras can pick up finer details, giving you full HD quality videos which can be viewed back.

Our cameras also have a wide angle focus, capturing a large field of view. Our CCTV Cameras can be set up with remote monitoring. The app can be viewed on iOs and Android, meaning you can view in real time or play back footage.

Peace of mind that your property is being watched 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So nothing will go unnoticed.

Our DVR boxes can hold a large amount of footage, meaning that you can store footage for months, if you ever need to go back and get footage for evidence you can feel confident knowing it’ll still be there. We offer a wide range of CCTV systems, from basic to more complex. Catering to different budgets, we’re very competively priced around Worthing and through out West Sussex.

Types of cameras
There are various types and styles of CCTV cameras that can be installed. Typically the type is matched with your needs and budget. If you must have full control of your cameras. You can have PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom) CCTV cameras. Theses are more expensive then your fixed cameras. PTZ cameras usually come in dome form. Fixed cameras can be dome style or bullet style. Domes are great for anti-vandlism purposes, especially inside shops, where you can not explicillty tell where the CCTV camera is pointing.

Bullet style Fixed Camera

Fixed bullet cameras are your cheapest option. They come in a variety of colours to match aesthetically. They have a large wide angle lense which can pick up a large area. They can record HD. You can have pretty much unlimited number in your system. Keeping in mind with more cameras, you will need a larger DVR (Digital video recorder) to accomodate this. They come in outside and inside versions. Outside being waterproof and usually having a cap on top to protect from rain. A fantastic all around choice for most peoples needs. CCTV cameras come with IR night vision as standard now. Capturing crystal clear footage at night.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras

PTZ Cameras are incredibly useful as they allow you to be able to control exactly where the camera is pointing, let you zoom in with crystal clear focus. Look up and down. This enables from a single point to be able to record a massive area. The most common place PTZs are installed are typically supermarkets and other retail shops. Where you have someone actively monitoring the cameras. This doesn’t have to be the case as you can set them to automatically pan across automatically. There are many options and features with PTZs but they are more expensive. They can do everything fixed bullet cameras can including night vision and record in HD. Outdoor and Indoor are avaliable.

Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome style CCTV cameras are a great option for someone wanting to have more conspicious look. They blend in a little better than bullet styles. You get waterproof or indoor varietys. The cover can be tinted, often making a would be thief less confident in stealing as they cannot know which way the camera is pointing. You can also get PTZ dome tinted cameras. Standard fixed Dome CCTV cameras are about the same price as fixed bullet ones. They are also able to record in night vision and HD.

Data solutions

We can provide data solutions for your home or office. We can get you set up with high quality multi point internet coverage through out your domestic or commercial premises.